Bremont 14 Peaks

Bremont 14 Peaks

For many years, “Seven summits”, the highest mountain on every continent, has been my biggest goal.

In the winter of 2019, an unknown phone number rang. I answered, and it was Bjørn Arne Evensen who called and wondered if I wanted to go for a real mountain. One over 8000 meters. We planned Cho Oyu in the autumn of 2019, but after some challenges with the permit to enter Tibet, we decided to switch to Putha Hiunchili / Dhaulagir, 7246 meters, in Nepal.

Nevertheless, I realized it was mountains over 8000 meters that mattered, and when I returned from Nepal in the autumn of 2019, I hung up a map of the Himalayas with all 14 8000 meters, and a list of mountains ranked by altitude, and with death statistics.

7 in Nepal, 5 in Pakistan and 2 in Tibet.

Full of respect for the challenge, I returned to Nepal in the spring of 2021, climbing two 8,000 meters in less than 12 hours, as the fastest woman in the world from the top of Mount Everest (8848.48) to the top of Lhotse (8516), the world’s fourth highest mountain.

I began to realize that I was OK, or pretty good, on these high mountains, although I often feel the altitude well at about 4500meters.

During this 2-3 year period, I have also realized that this sport, the industry, and the world are far from equal. Not even in Norway.

The result of all this was a new goal of reaching all 14 mountains over 8000 meters.

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Kristin <3

Peaks over 8000 meters:
1Mount Everest8848Nepal
6Cho Oyu8463Tibet
9Nanga Parbat8163Pakistan
11Gasherbrum 18068Pakistan
12Broad Peak8047Pakistan
13Gasherbrum ii8035Pakistan